Why This Page?

We had some general information here, but on Monday August 3, 1998 one of our mothers went into the hospital for abdominal pain. On Tuesday August 4, 1998 after a CT scan they determined it was likely pancreatic cancer. Her CEA tumor marker number was 20. On Wednesday August 5th they did a needle biopsy of the tumor and found Friday that it could not be read. Monday August 10, 1998 another needle biopsy was performed and on Tuesday August 11, 1998 the results showed andenocarinoma. After a second opinion at the University of Miami Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Clinic she began chemotherapy Monday August 17, 1998. On Aug 17, 1998 her CEA tumor marker was 40 and the CA19-9 marker was accidentally broken in transit.

[n.b. these are primarily notes to see what we are going through and aren't yet very organized.] --------------------------

Second Chemo treatment:

Dec 14 - Chemo + CEA:??, CA19-9:?????

Dec 7 - Chemo

Dec 1 - Chemo

Nov 30 - Hospital one day (23 hours)

Nov 23 Gemzar and 5-FU, Leuc...CEA 48, CA19-9 19000

Nov 2 CEA 54, CA19-9 24000

Oct 26 - Gemzar -- she decided she wanted to switch to only gemzar due to the nausea etc associated with the 5-FU.

Oct 19 - Gemzar, 5-FU, and leucovorin

Oct 13, 1998 -Oct 19, 1998 admitted to the hospital for treatment of blood clots in her legs - heperin(sp?) and coumadin (will remain on this for about 4-6 months at least).

Oct 12, 1998 - Start of second round of chemo - Gemzar, 5-FU, and leucovorin CEA 87-88, CA19-9 32000

October 10, 1998 - CT scan to determine how first round was progressing. Results showed the tumor roughly the same size, but two more mets on the liver. Drs agreed that she should switch to something else.


First Chemo treatment:

Monday August 27 & Tuesday August 18, 1998 - First round of chemotherapy

Monday August 24 & Tuesday August 25, 1998 - Second round of chemotherapy

Thursday August 27, 1998: Began with Megace to help her appetite after she had lost about 7 pounds in two weeks.

Monday August 31 & Tuesday Sept 1, 1998 - Third round of chemotherapy

Sept 8-9, 1998 - Fourth round of chemotherapy - nausea

Sept 14-15, 1998 - Fifth round of chemotherapy - nausea

Sept 21-22, 1998 - Sixth round of chemotherapy - nausea

Two week break.

Sept 26, 1998 - Dehydrated and admitted to the hospital; Sat-Tues.


Her 1st round of chemo treatment was:

Trimetrexate by IV on day 1, and Leucovorin followed by 5-FU on day two by IV (each over the course of about 30 minutes). Day 3 and 4 she is doing Leucovorin by mouth. This is a protocol from Dr Garcia at USC and is listed in the NCI Trial's database. The Dr said that his patients that had responded showed 'significant' results within six weeks and that if you did not show improvement then you should switch. This was a good treatment, if you respond.

We'll keep updating the page.